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Like Henning, my work owes a large intellectual debt to a handful of papers of Ed Brown’s: the ones on representability of cohomology theories, and the joint ones with Comenetz on duals of spectra.

Although his published work deeply influenced mine, I cannot say I knew him. We were introduced once, by Haynes Miller, after a topology seminar at MIT. We exchanged a few words at the time.

It’s a tribute to his contributions that their profound influence has spread far beyond their origins.

Yours, Amnon

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The work of Ed Brown on the representability of cohomology theories
became a corner stone for many recent developments in modular
representation theory. Just a day before he passed away we discussed
his representability theorem in a working seminar at Bielefeld (and I
pointed out that he will turn 95 later this month).

I met Ed Brown when I spent a year as a postdoc at Brandeis, visiting
Maurice Auslander. In fact, it was Maurice who introduced me to
him. Only many years later I understood that the work of Auslander (on
coherent functors) had much in common with Brown’s seminal work.

Henning Krause

Am 27.12.2021 um 16:33 schrieb Doug Ravenel <dcravenel@gmail.com>:

Dear All,

I am sorry to report that Edgar H. Brown, Jr. passed away on December 22. Today would have been his 95th birthday.

There will be no funeral and there are no plans for a memorial service.

Doug Ravenel

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