How to use the discussion forum

Questions and discussion about representation theory of algebras and related topics.

The FDLIST provides a discussion forum to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, problems and questions, which are related to representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras.

Below you find general information to help you get started using the forum.

Discourse (discussion platform)

The FDLIST runs on an open source discussion platform called Discourse. Here is a generic guide on how to use this platform:

In particular, note that Discourse supports Markdown for formatting plain text in posts.

Feedback & Support

Post your suggestions on how to better organise this website in the forum category #site-feedback, where you can also contact us if your are in need of technical support.

In particular, we are open for suggestions on which subcategories would be useful to have within the #maths forum category.

Tips and tricks

Marking questions/topics as “solved”

You can help future visitors to this website by marking a topic you have started as “solved” (if it makes sense). To do this, you may mark as many replies as you want as “solutions” by checking the apparent checkbox at the end of each reply. A link to each solution will be added automatically to the bottom of the first post in the topic.

Notice that, in contrast to MathOverflow, you cannot upvote nor downvote replies (but you can “like” them). In particular, marking some replies as solutions will not alter the order in which these were originally posted.


Discourse renders mathematical symbols using MathJax. It supports inline math f\colon L\to M, rendered by wrapping \LaTeX code within single dollar ($) signs as usual $f\colon M\to N$, as well as display math

\operatorname{Ext}_A^1(M,N)\cong\overline{\operatorname{Hom}}_A(N,\tau M),

rendered by wrapping your code between double dollar signs ($$) as in the following example:

\operatorname{Ext}_A^1(M,N)\cong\overline{\operatorname{Hom}}_A(N,\tau M)

Note that it is important that the double dollar signs are on their own separate line.

Commutative diagrams

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to insert a commutative diagram into a post. If you really need to do so, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Draw the diagram in a separate \LaTeX document or equivalent.
  2. Take a screenshot of the relevant part of your screen using the snipping tool (Windows) or the screenshot tool (Mac).
  3. Upload the resulting image to your post by clicking on the “Upload” button in the composer’s toolbar.

Here is an example:


Linking to other posts

When typing a post you can press Ctrl+Alt+f to open the search on the top left, search for a post, use the down arrow to select the topic you want to link to, and then press a to automatically insert the link into the composer.

Keyboard shortcuts

The full list of supported keyboard shortcuts can be accessed by clicking on the Hamburger menu on the top right corner and selecting “Keyboard shortcuts”.