PhD and postdoctoral positions at Hamburg University

Dear colleagues,

The Department of Mathematics of Hamburg University is
advertising a number of PhD and postdoctoral positions. The
application deadline is 18.1.2022. Please forward the details to
interested candidates.

Best regards, and all tbe best for the new year,
Ingo Runkel and Christoph Schweigert


Candidates for PhD positions should make contact with a
potential supervisor at the department before applying.
Candidates for postdoctoral positions should hold a PhD in
mathematics or mathematical physics and should interact with one
of the working groups in the department, see
Forschung : Fachbereich Mathematik : Universität Hamburg . There is a
vivid collaboration with the II. Institute for Theoretical
Physics and the theory group of DESY within the Center of
Mathematical Physics.

The positions include a teaching duty in German and candidates
are expected to be sufficiently fluent in German (at least level
C1). Further details, including instructions on how to apply,
can be found under the header “Wissenschaftliches Personal” on

see in particular advertisements 435 (PhD) and 442 (Postdoc).

For questions, please feel free to contact Ingo Runkel
( or Christoph Schweigert