Postdoc positions in Rome, Padova, and Verona, deadlines 14.12.2023 and 19.12.2023

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce 4 postdoc positions in representation theory:

  • 1 at the University of Rome 1 (La Sapienza), local coordinator Giovanni Cerulli Irelli;
  • 1 at the University of Padova, local coordinator Jorge Vitória;
  • 2 at the University of Verona, local coordinator Lidia Angeleri Hügel.

Three of these positions are funded by the PRIN 2022 project “SQUARE: Structures for quivers, algebras and representations”; the additional position at the University of Verona is funded by the project “LAVIE: Large views of small phenomena: decompositions, localizations and representation type” Fondo Italiano per la Scienza FIS-2021 (PI Lidia Angeleri Hügel).

The relevant research topics for each position are made explicit in the calls. You can find the calls in the following websites:

University of Rome 1 (La Sapienza):
Deadline: 14 December
The call is in italian. Interested people can write to to ask for support.

University of Padova: Bando n.13/2023 per n. 1 assegno di ricerca “(SQUARE) Structures for Quivers, Algebras and Representations” :: Dipartimento di Matematica “Tullio Levi-Civita”
Deadline: 19 December.

Please do not hesitate to contact for any clarification about this position.

University of Verona: the calls are due to be published soon and will be announced separately as soon as available.

Applications for any of the four positions are managed separately, so we encourage candidates to submit multiple applications should their interests fit with more than one of the advertised positions.

Best regards,
Lidia, Giovanni and Jorge