Uppsala University, Sweden

At Uppsala University, we work on a variety of aspects of representation theory of finite dimensional algebras and Lie algebras. Our research interests often have a homological as well as a combinatorial flavour. More concretely, our research areas include categorification, higher Auslander-Reiten theory, and quasi-hereditary algebras.

We are 3 permanent staff members working on representation theory. Additionally, there are two permanent staff in the algebra group working on commutative algebra / algebraic geometry and there is a large group in symplectic and contact geometry.

Apart from our 5 permanent staff members, the algebra group currently (as of June 2021) consists of 3 international postdocs and 9 PhD students, about half of them local and half of them international. Here is a list of all members of the research group. Each year, departmental postdoc and PhD positions are announced, the postdoc positions in December, the PhD positions in March.

We host a weekly local seminar and conferences from time to time - most recently, in June 2021, the conference Braids, mutations, and twists in algebra and geometry.
Since 2020, the algebra group at Uppsala also has its own Youtube channel where we present a selection of master and PhD courses.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar, at a conference or at a job interview in the future.

Martin Herschend, Julian K├╝lshammer, and Walter Mazorchuk